Project Support


Project Support

Infrastructure projects are becoming more complex. The pressure to be competitive is high. It’s not straightforward to be in the know about all the possible configurations of a complicated infrastructure project. And winning projects like this is not easy. But with our support and certifications with well-known manufacturers, we’ll make it easy to deliver a great result
for your end customers.

Extensive support and advice throughout the project process
We get certified so you don’t have to
You remain the face of your business

The challenge 

Are you struggling to support your customers because infrastructure projects for servers, network and storage are becoming increasingly complex? Does the thought of having to get certified with big vendors give you a headache? Are you worried you can’t compete?

The solution: SYNAXON Project Support

Our solution architects will work with you throughout the project process, from conception and configuration through to delivery and support. We negotiate the best prices for you with our manufacturers, and get certified so that you don’t have to.

Benefits for you

  • It’s easy to get started simply email the details to our Project Support team
  • Save yourself time, money and stress
  • Become more competitive: we negotiate the best prices and pass the savings on to you
  • You remain the face of your business: your customer remains your customer


  • Advice throughout the whole project process, from conception and configuration through to delivery
  • Your goods are ordered from an authorised distributor and delivered to your specified location
  • We negotiate the best prices for you and pass the savings on

SYNAXON Hub: much more than just selling hardware and software

We are a hub for partners, distributors and manufacturers, and strive to ensure goods are available to you at all times, by purchasing from both major vendors and authorised suppliers. With our buying power, and our own warehouse in the UK, we’re able to ensure the availability of the most important commercial product lines backed by first-class partner support. We also offer service like no other with our centralised RMA processing and a generous 14-day return policy.

Furthermore, we believe that being part of a dynamic and forward-thinking community is the best way to learn and grow. We provide our customers with access to our exclusive networks to connect with each other, ask questions, and share knowledge or best practices – no challenge too big or too small!

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