SYNAXON Managed Services

Managed Endpoint Security

SYNAXON Managed Services

Managed Endpoint Security

Cyber threats can be costly and dangerous for your customers, causing real business problems like extended downtime, loss of productivity or irreversible data loss. Yet so often your customers only think about protecting their devices before it’s too late. With our support, you can help educate them about the importance of cyber security.

Protect against hackers
Prevent ransomware and Trojan horse attacks
Our comprehensive solution for your customers' security needs

The challenge 

The security of your clients’ infrastructure is a top priority. If there are vulnerabilities in their systems, you’re both taking a big risk. However, we know that your customers are not always willing to make investments to minimise these threats, or sometimes, they simply don’t understand them.

The solution: SYNAXON Managed Endpoint Security

We can help you minimise these risks. From implementation and set-up, to pre-configuration according to best practices, through to monitoring your client’s devices, we’re here to save you time and effort.

Benefits for you

  • Easy product handling saves you time
    Our product integrates into your processes to help you serve your customers more efficiently
  • Automated processes save you money
    Predefined and automated processes from installation to incident response
  • Simple to manage
    Web-based, pre-configured dashboards help save you time during licensing and administration
  • 1st class technical support
    Updates, adjustments and customisations included
  • Contracts made easy
    Product-specific service descriptions and sample contracts enable you to start selling quickly
  • Get started right away
    No minimum licence purchase, plus monthly notice periods so you can stay flexible
  • Fully integrated
    Combines seamlessly with SYNAXON Managed RMM


  • Web-based,pre-configured dashboards for licensing and administration
  • Pre-defined, automated workflows, from installation to incident response
  • Comprehensive protection against targeted attacks and other malware
  • Full licence overview including breakdown per customer
  • Detailed reporting

SYNAXON Managed Services: the partner you can trust

We know that moving to a different business model is complex, but we’ve made it simpler with our product offering. Our portfolio of products – plus a library of ready-to-use documents such as service descriptions – is specifically designed to help you easily roll out and grow your Managed Services business.

Furthermore, we believe that being part of a dynamic and forward-thinking community is the best way to learn and grow. We provide our customers with access to our exclusive networks to connect with each other, ask questions, and share knowledge or best practices – no challenge too big or too small!

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