SYNAXON Managed Services

Why Managed Services? Why now?

Managed Services: the concept

Managed Services are designed to combine routine maintenance and proactive monitoring of your customers’ devices at a fixed monthly price; you as the ITSP offer a clearly-defined range of services for which you take responsibility. You fix problems before your customers are even aware of them, and work proactively to ensure they experience no downtime. No more needing to be in three different places at once. No more running around like a headless chicken. No more putting out fires.

Transitioning to a Managed Services model is not only great for you, it’s great for your customers too. It allows them to:

  • let someone else get on with the ‘boring’ IT tasks
  • have a specialist (you!) deal with the ‘complicated computer stuff’
  • avoid costly situations like unexpected downtime or accidental data deletion
  • plan their IT budgets long-term – and avoid any nasty surprises!
So if you’re looking for ways to…
  • offer more scalable services
  • do more billable work with the staff you have
  • spend more time building and developing customer relationships
  • up- and cross-sell
  • generate monthly recurring revenue
  • plan more effectively
…then SYNAXON Managed Services is just what you’re looking for.
Managed Services complexity pyramid

This pyramid represents the increasing complexity of the different Managed Services levels, and at the same time the decreasing customer demand. Backup, antivirus and e-mail are required by everyone, but only a few customers need a Document Management System.

If you’re new to Managed Services, you can start by simply monitoring your customer devices, then over time progress up the pyramid.

SYNAXON Managed Services: the partner you can trust

SYNAXON Managed Services is a portfolio of products designed to help roll out and grow your Managed Services business. We know that making the move to a different business model is complex, but we’ve made it easier with our product offering. It includes not only the solutions you need to transition, but also templates for documents such as service descriptions, meaning you can spend less time on the paperwork and more time on growing your business, no matter how big or how small.

Our team of technical experts is responsible for the tools on the back-end; configuration, workflows, dashboards, monitoring, reporting.

Our products

  • Managed RMM: Proactively maintain and improve the status of your customers’ devices and server infrastructure (Desktop and Server)
  • Managed Antivirus: Scan and protect devices against malware (bookable with Managed RMM only)
  • Managed Backup: Protect your customers with a backup technology you can rely on
  • Managed Endpoint Security: Prevent ransomware and Trojan horse attacks, and protect against hacking
  • Managed Workplace: Get out of the hardware rat race with our device rental scheme


  • Offer your customers precisely-defined packages at a fixed monthly price
  • Work proactively at times which suit you
  • Automate routine tasks, scale your team and serve more customers
  • Work more efficiently, reduce frustration, increase the hours you’re invoicing for

Your customers know and trust you. You remain the face of your business and point of contact. We simply support you behind the scenes to help you deliver great service.

Working with us means you don’t need deep product knowledge of the tools in our portfolio; you can simply roll them out without any complex back-end configuration. No set-up fees, no minimum number of licences required; start with one and grow from there!

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